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Exxentric kPulley 2 CALL FOR PRICING

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Using rotational inertia the kPulley2 system from Exxentric is a multi faceted strength unit that allows endless exercises and workouts for both general exercise and rehabilitation movements. The positive and negative movement of the exercise is under load and variable based on the force that you apply. Perfect for athletes, general exercise users or physio rehab protocols. As compact as it gets and top quality make the kpulley a perfect addition to any facility or home gym.

Exxentric has knocked it out of the park with their revolutionary kPulley2 strength system. Instead of a fixed load under the force of gravity, you work against the variable inertia of heavy flywheels determined by the effort you put into the unit. The kPulley2 is the second generation of flywheel training systems from Exxentric and allows users to either strength train or perform rehab movements. Available with multiple weight flywheels and can be mounted on a wall or even attached to an existing power rack. Perfect for both home gyms, commercial facilities and physiotherapy clinics, the users are endless!

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